Inspirations From Our Prayer Team

 Inspiration from Our Prayer Team

 As we Pray through II Chronicles 7:14, the emphasis this week is on “If my people will humble themselves….” Here is an excerpt from a Billy Graham devotional:

 "In a city in Scandinavia, is a famous statue of our Lord.  One day a visitor standing before it was very disappointed, and he didn’t hesitate to share his feeling with an attendant.  ‘I can’t see the face of the Christ,’ he complained.  The attendant replied, ‘Sir, if you want to see His face, you must kneel at His feet.’  The visitor knelt and he saw!  Do you want to see Jesus’ face?  Kneel in prayer. - for others, for yourself, for the world, for His Kingdom— and be blessed.”

 It is unclear exactly which statue is referenced in Dr. Graham’s devotion.  After doing some Wikipedia research, though, we think it might be the Christus (or Christus Consolator,) a beautiful marble statue of the resurrected Jesus by Bertel Thorvaldsen, completed in 1838. It stands in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark's Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The statue is 10.5 feet high, and Jesus is looking down with arms spread as if to welcome children. The inscription at its base says "Kommer til mig" ("Come to me.”)

 Truly, we would see the face of Christ most clearly on this statue, when we humble ourselves and kneel at the height of a child - then look up in expectation of his blessing. What a wonderful posture for prayer before our Lord.