Hurricane Harvey Letter & Fundraising

Dear Friend,

Over the last four days we’ve heard countless stories about lives lost and those who have been displaced and lost their homes due to Hurricane Harvey. This is one of the worst hurricanes to hit the states since Katrina.

What can you do?  Two things:

One: The following link will take you to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance update, along with information on how/where to make a financial contribution.   This is the most immediate way to help as relief agencies are asking for funds to purchase supplies.

Second: With the leadership of Elder Rich Wilson, Elder for Missions here at Trinity, we are forming a team toorganize a musical fund-raising/benefit event here at Trinity.  We hope this event will feature the Anchorage Jazz Ensemble, plus choirs from Huffman Elementary and South High School.   If you wish to join Rich in coordinating efforts, here is his contact information:

(907) 952-1502

As President Trump said earlier today, this is a storm of epic proportions.  May our response to it be even more memorable.

Let us keep the people of Texas and Louisiana in our prayers.


Pastor Todd Allen